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It's weird out there, we're not going to sugar coat it or throw out a bunch of annoying buzzwords. What we are going to do though, is take your business just as seriously as we always have, and help bridge all the gaps this crazy world has created. From keyboards not working to complete business build outs, QeH2 is here for you and everything you care about. 

What we Offer

Managed Services - MSP

We do more than just systems functionality. QeH2 offers:

  • Live tech support

  • Security training

  • Operability and performance management

  • Backup solution management

  • Infrastructure problem resolution

  • Forward movement task execution

And that's just the start of it.​

Tech Support

Have any of the following happened to you lately?

  • Computers always breaking down

  • Unexpected updates take forever

  • Server just up and dies

  • Unsure about your backups

  • Painfully slow systems

Talk to us: we don't charge anything to have a conversation, so let's have it!​

Security & Business Continuity

Take a look at your security and business continuity plan.

  • Have you backed up your systems lately?

  • If things malfunction, will you get back up and running quickly?

  • Are your team members trained in cybersecurity habits?

If you aren't sure about any of the above, call us! We'll help you prepare for bad days.

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Need Support at home?

A lot of everyone is working from home, us included. So! Why not get your computer at home in as good of shape as your business. Start your free trial today! 


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