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Dental IT Services - How is IT Support like oral hygiene?

Posted by Eric Pratt on Tue, Mar 13, 2012 @ 03:34



“Ignore your teeth and they will go away.” Or how about “only brush the teeth you want to keep”? Or one of my favorites, “if a patient cannot clean his teeth, no dentist can clean them for him.”Dental IT Services

Ah, yes…the witty humor of dentists. Okay…maybe not the very funniest of jokes, be we all appreciate the irony of these statements for how very important it is to take care of your teeth.

You know what is also of similar irony is the care of your IT environment. Unfortunately, the one big difference between the two is that more people unknowingly compromise the health of their IT needs without worry until things go awry.

The greatest similarity, on the other hand, is the very criticality of maintaining your IT environment. The neglect of doing so brings the undesirable result sooner or later…often sooner. Enter the “IT toothache.”

Okay…we may all be prone to the ever-looming threat of a total system crash or other IT disaster—a threat so inexorable that it’s a matter of when, not if. Factors as small as even a power outage can create an IT disaster (a total system failure that takes as long as 10 days to restore puts over 90% of business in bankruptcy in less than a year…half of which are forced to file immediately, according a report from the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington).

But what about the many dozens of other threats that are far more likely to occur out of nothing more than neglect?

There are security threats from viruses, spyware, malware or the very common every-day danger of a phishing threat. These are all living, breathing, growing machinations that are indifferent to your laptop at home or your PC at the office.

There are also threats with software license compliance, which may seem like an easily-managed issue, but even a small and inadvertent violation can threaten your business with fines in the six-figure range (when is the last time you actually read the fine print when you clicked “yes” through the terms and conditions of a software licensing agreement?).

But then there is the simple and seemingly small threat of system performance. It may not be a risk that brings sudden disaster, but can represent a cumulative loss that significantly costs your business. A global industry monolith reports that the average sized company spends upwards of $100,000 a year in desktop-oriented disasters.

It may be expensive, yes, to have your employees idle with a total stand-still that my only occur infrequently. But what about poor system performance making the processing of a task two or three times as long than if that system were performing optimally? Could your business afford to double or even triple the compensation of each employee? If your systems are performing less than optimal, then you’re already losing money. Think of it!

Okay…so…the problem with the IT Support / Dental comparison is that it can take a lot less to convince someone of the importance of taking good care of their teeth…that is…until you suffer a total system failure of some sort. Taking proactive care of your Dental IT services may often seem like no more than a cost in practicing business. But the truth is that effective IT support is an investment!

Consider the cost of performing regular server and system maintenance against the expense of unexpected and punctuated IT costs. At a minimum, critical system maintenance can represent a nominal but consistent spend. From that point, upgrades and projects can effectively be budgeted with future business goals in view.

That’s far more manageable where planning and investment is concerned than suffering an unexpected system failure that could bring your business to a stand-still until restoration is made. If you weigh the investment verses the risk, effective Dental IT support services represents a negligible amount verses the alternative.

The IT professionals at QeH2 understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy Dental IT environment. We know how important your business is and how to leverage your resources to make and keep your business profitable.

So reach out to QeH2 to avoid your IT threats “below the gum line.”

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