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Does Your Business Have the Oversight of a CIO?

It takes a broad view to fully understand and appreciate the tapestry that is a business. Technology encompasses every facet of your business. Data, infrastructure, continuity, planning, strategy; these are not just buzzwords.  If your IT infrastructure is not sound then your data could be lost in a heartbeat.  Just because your planning is good doesn’t mean your data can’t be wiped out in an instant during a natural disaster or cyber-attack.  A good CIO knows how everything intertwines and plans accordingly.  Take a hard look at your business.  Is anyone that intimate with every moving part?

  • "QeH2 has gained an understanding of our business, and have..."
    - Norman Coggin
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Cloud Computing

Cloud Services is one of the most talked about solutions in the technology world today.  The benefits are enticing and the tools and features are beyond what you're capable of supporting in-house.  

QeH2's Complete Cloud computing services provides all of the features you need to ensure you can be productive and profitable while your systems run.  It's environmentally responsible, cheaper to maintain and support, and always there for you when you need it regardless of your location.

Disaster Recovery Services

Is your business data secure in the event of a disaster?  Does your company have a disaster recovery plan?  QeH2 will analyze your network and ensure that all systems are in place to keep your data safe with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. 

There is no need to fear network failures, natural disasters or human-caused IT disasters.  With the right plan and the right partner, your success will continue despite what gets thrown at you.

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IT Disaster Recovery

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